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Are the Outdoor Beanbags Waterproof ?

  • Yes.  The Beanbags have a thick PVC backing behind the quality fabric to keep the water from the Polystyrene Beans. Please note that the Beanbags are NOT a flotation device or designed to be used in pools


Do the Beanbags come with a removable liner?

  • Yes all of the Beanbags come with Liners
  • The Liners also comply to the Australian Safety Standards


Why buy a By Edwards Beanbag?

  • Quality, Comfort & Colour
  • All of the By Edwards Beanbags products are made of quality Fabric & PVC ensuring a durable product & a longer life span
  • The Beabags are double stitched to ensure a more durable product
  • The By Edwards Beanbags are all made to meet the Australian Safety standards


Do the Beanbag come with Beans?

  • No. It’s not viable to provide Beans via our online delivery method as costs would be excessive for you. Beans can be purchased however at major retailers such as Kmart, Target or Big W


How much does delivery cost?

  • Delivery is FREE within Australia for non wholesale or non commercial orders
  • For International, commercial or wholesale delivery costs please send your details via the contact us tab


I cant open my zip as it has no zip tag?

  • To meet Australian safety standards it’s a requirement to ensure Zip tags are removed
  • To open these zips you need to attach a paper clip or safety pin & then remove once you have filled with Beans


How do I clean my Beanbag?

  • Use warm water and a small amount of mild detergent. Recommendation is to spot test on the base of your Beanbag to ensure the detergent does not discolour.
  • Baby Wipes are also a very good cleaning aid for small stains


How do I best care for my Beanbag?

  • Whilst the Beanbags are designed for outdoors to prolong the life span it's best that you store your Beanbag inside whilst not in use as no fabric is 100% colourfast

Are By Edwards Beanbags available in retail outlets or purely online?

  • Our beanbags are ranged in many retail outlets across Australia.
  • They are located in Queensland, NSW, Victoria & SA across the key capital cities Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide